Tuesday, January 23, 2007

She's a rainbow baby when she's painting the town

(After suffering from yet another bout of insomnia, I decided I might as well check up on some of my other popstars. I promise there will be a real post later today, but I just couldn't not share this now.)


There are pretty much no words for my excitement at the moment--I got hit with two pieces of huge news tonight/this morning. I don't even know where to begin, or what to say, or...well, let's start off with the one that's easier to deal with first.

There were two bits of Gareth Gates that I neglected to bring to you all earlier this week. One is that he's having an online question and answer session this Friday (news which was accompanied by this photo at left). I mainly didn't mention it because I can't imagine it'll be anything other than chaotic, and any important questions will surely be answered or deliberately left unanswered by him. The other piece of news was that HMV had a listing for a new single by him, but the supposed release date--earlier February--was clearly far too soon to be accurate, given the time needed for promotion.

So, the news update on the Gareth front? HMV is now listing the release date of his new single as March 19. Now, that doesn't mean it's guaranteed, but it is more reasonable, and is pretty exciting. The real question is: what does the song sound like?

(Picture credit to BenAdams-music.co.uk; thank you!)

Onto the other popstar update, and it's one I can't even believe I'm reporting: news from Ben Adams! Though he's always been pretty good about rotating new songs onto his MySpace, there's generally not very much heard from him. Before you get too excited, there's no mention of an actual release date or even of the album "coming together;" however, when it comes to Ben, I'll take what news I can get.

His official website now has a video showing--well, it's difficult to say what it's showing, because basically it's just Ben running around with a camera and interviewing a bunch of people he's working with, both in Sweden and in the U.S. (it's all from 2006). The video is pretty long, but it's definitely worth sitting through if you're at all interested in him. Early in the video, a song came on that I didn't know, and I was pretty excited: "ohh, that's lovely--he's letting us hear one of his new songs--cool!" But no--the entire thing is filled with clips of brand new songs (one of which sounds decidedly Prince-esque, I think, and even says "her favorite color's purple")--I can't even begin to say how many there were, but a lot. They also played a clip of "Get Off My Girl;" I found that really reassuring--I don't know why I was worried they might scrap it, but I thought maybe, despite that track's strength, they might go in an all new direction). I honestly cannot wait to be able to buy his album, whenever it finally gets released!

Other highlights? I might have missed some names, but I'm pretty sure I heard Ben refer to one man as "Jorgen" and he referenced the records he'd sold with Britney Spears, which would mean that must be Jorgen Elofsson; I don't know what he actually looks like, so I can't confirm, but I don't know who else that could possibly be. Also with a cameo in the video: Robin Thicke, who Ben is apparently writing with.

As for the song clips themselves, I was hugely relieved to hear that most of them still have that slightly experimental, producer-oriented, maybe electronic (as in produced, not all "real" instruments) sound and are mid- to up-tempo (though there was a pretty nice ballad played at one point).

I'll see if I can come up with something slightly more intelligent to say when I'm not incredibly sleep deprived (maybe I just need to go take a bunch of NyQuil?), but basically: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Real information! New songs! Just actually seeing that Ben is still alive and working!

So, basically: possible single release for Gareth in mid-March and Ben is still actually doing real work on the album--good news all around, then. Anyone else want to wish for any comebacks while the good luck seems to be running so high?

(Can I just say, though, Ben, that perhaps, given the situation your former girlfriend is in, group joking about racism--even if it was filmed in 2006--might not have been the best thing to include?)


Digital Technique said...

2007 is turning out to be a great year for pop! Its only the middle of January and we already have the amazing new Sophie EB single, Mika at #1 in the UK and now the return of Mr Gates and the revelation that Ben Adams has not completely disappeared and that his album might possibly (fingers crossed) be released at some point during '07!!!

Hope Gareth will come back with something totally mind blowing that will amaze everyone and stay at #1 for months!! Am actually kinda surprised about this as despite the documentary and promises he was working on new material - really did not expect any more music from him (especially not as early as March!!!)

Still don't understand why Sorry was not a top 10 hit for Ben and also why Delicious was wasted as a B-side (when it clearly should have been used as the second single!!)

Poster Girl said...

It really is! And you're so right about the Sophie Ellis-Bextor song and Mika--I don't think I could be more excited! I'm not sure about March either, but at least it means they really are planning to release something (I hope they take their time and get it right, though--right song, most importantly, but also right promotion and right time). I completely agree about "Sorry" and "Delicious," too--why they chose to relegate that to B-side status, I have no idea!

Paul said...

But then look at McFly relegating Transylvania to b-side status and look at it now world!! And although he is far far too young for me, gareth looks very RAR in that picture, and i am eager to have some new muzique from the little fella. And Ben? Listen to PPG - jokes about racism are NEVER good!

Suki said...

Ho. Ben as well as Gareth. This is a wonderful blog!!!!!

I agree about the need (for both of them) to get the choices and the promotion just right. I am keeping everything crossed for Gareth

Poster Girl said...

I hadn't thought of that, Paul, but that's true--and even if he doesn't make it a single, some artists (like McFly in the case of "Transylvania," pre-the decision to make it a single) do put b-sides on the album--I hadn't thought of that. On on the topic of Ben: yes. We do not tolerate that sort of thing, even from artists whose music we love.

Aww, thanks, Suki! I definitely am, too. I know I'll be paying attention to anything they release, but what they both need is the general public's support if they're going to make it work for them. Here's hoping for the best...

Anonymous said...

This is Jörgen Elofsson you are right!
It's his studio in Sweden!

Poster Girl said...

Oh, good--thanks for the confirmation! I wasn't sure, but I didn't know who else it could be!