Friday, January 12, 2007

Je peux le jurer sur ma vie

(Picture credit here; thanks!)

Today's song is a live performance--just like in the case of Sebastian's "Words and Violence," not because it's better live, but because that's the only version I've got, and I'm not sure when I'll get the studio version (if the world could get the legal issues worked out and let us buy songs digitally from any country, it wouldn't be an issue...). Anyhow, it's still a fun song as is, though I think it'll benefit a lot from not being live. Another round of France's Star Academy finished up at the end of December, and the winner was nineteen-year-old Cyril Cinelu. I didn't follow the season, so I'm not sure if he deserved to win or not (from what I've heard, there are a lot of disgruntled viewers out there, but he did get 67% of the vote; whoever's editing Wikipedia must be one of the disgruntled, though), but his first single is pretty good.

(Incidentally, you can watch Cyril perform the song live on television. Why would you want to do this? Well, besides getting to hear the song, look who's sitting off to the side during the performance...).

Délit d'amour--I know it might not sound excellent right now, and I'm not sure if it will ever be excellent, but, as I said, I think studio recording will benefit this song a lot. And can you guess why I like this song? Well, overall adorableness is part of it, but what seals the deal and makes this song stand out? It's got to be the "ooo-oo-oo-ooo"'s--I'm a sucker for those, and here, they're electronically filtered and bring a lot of cuteness to the song. That cuteness really fits a song with this subject and sung by someone this young--if it is about love, it's about a youthful, exuberant sort of love. (By the way, I was certain the title would translate to "Delight of Love," but Google Translate tells me it actually means "Offence of Love"--or "Crime of Love" would be a better wording, I guess.)

"Délit d'amour" is being sold on some compilation Star Academy CDs, but I'm not sure what online stores you can go to to buy a physical copy of those. If you live in France, you can buy the song from iTunes; it's also available in Belgium's iTunes store.

(All credit for the song goes to Star Academy Medias--thank you!)

Next up: maybe another French song, or that American album that I really will write about at some point.


Robpop said...
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Paul said...

this post hasn't been removed by the author! Your world knowledge of pop continues to astound me. I thought i was clever cos i knew who Bodies Without Organs were before i started blogging. How weird from the way the internet explorer window is positioned it looks like Mandy Moore has a bit of tissue hanging from her nose! Ew. But i would like to hear more from this chappie...

Poster Girl said...

I had no idea who BWO before reading blogs, so you were already ahead of me :) Plus there are all these things I don't know--like, I just found out yesterday A*Teens' "I Promised Myself" was a cover (which I can excuse myself for, but there's an embarassing number of critical albums that I haven't heard). I'll be interested to see where Cyril goes, though, but--and I hope I'm wrong--I'd be surprised if he does too much more like this.