Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I would give you every minute

To begin with, a few days ago I promised a better quality, non video-rip version of Part Six's "Drive So Far"--here it is.

As for today's song, I really don't know anything about it; it is a dance song and, like many (though far from all!) of the artists that have dance hits, the actual singers don't seem to have done too much else (though iTunes has a song by a group of the same name called "B Where I'm At"). It also isn't new, and I have a feeling anyone into dance music already knows it, but I just heard it recently. Anyhow, the group itself is Natural High, but I think (though I haven't heard the original) that it's the remixers who probably really deserve credit for this song.

Live For One Day (Haji & Emanuel Remix)--It's the middle of winter (and finally starting to feel like it), but maybe that's why I'm loving this song so much at the moment--there's something about it that just feels like summer to me. I don't know that I can really say that it feels like it's going anywhere, but I can imagine that, for four minutes, this song would make you feel amazing on the dancefloor. Basically, it makes me happy, and I love it--I want to live somewhere where life feels like this song.

To buy Clubber's Guide 2006, which has this song, go here (physical) or, if you live in the UK, you can buy a longer version of this song from iTunes here.

Do you know what song I really like at the moment? Katharine McPhee's "Over It" (which you can get over at Poptastic)--who'd've guessed? We'll see how it holds up over time, but, for the past day, I've been really liking it--there's something laid back and almost soothing about it, despite it being about a breakup.

Next up: I am really excited to get to write about that Swedish singer--he's pop/rock, though maybe I can write about a very poppy Swedish singer soon, too--but writing about Invertigo has got me listening to their album an awful lot now, and I want to make sure I give him his full due, so he probably won't get his turn until Friday or Saturday. Maybe a song that did really well in the UK but I just heard. And I still want to get to those Danish songs soon, too...


Robpop said...

I know this late...but I can't stop loving Shout Out Loud by Soccx!!!!!

Paul said...

if poppostergirl were a dude i would totally have a crush on her. Er him. Now i'm confused. Needless to say i'm excited that you are excited about the pop rock swedish singer!

Poster Girl said...

It is such a great song, Robpop--you're so right about them!'ll get him sooner than expected! :)