Sunday, January 14, 2007

Do your thing and show 'em how

While we're on the topic of German groups that have a suspicious similarity to other pop groups, I couldn't not mention Soccx, the girl group who seem to have been, at the very least, inspired by the Pussycat Dolls' success (and maybe a bit of Danity Kane, too). In fact, one member of the group, Claude, used to dance with the Pussycat Dolls (back in the Lounge, when they were a performing group but not releasing music). Apparently, there's also a "mysterious 7th doll" in the video for "Don't Cha," and rumor has it that that girl is actually Claude. Though the group is based out of Germany, the girls themselves are American or Canadian. Robpop has already written about them in his girl groups feature; to hear their first single, head over there.

Scream Out Loud--the beginning of this song feels, to me, really awkward (and most of the verses continue in that vein). However, it's saved by a super-catchy, almost girl group-anthemic bridge and chorus--just try not to shout out "Oh-ohh-hh-hh! Throw 'em up and scream out loud!" along with them. There's even pause for a dance break. Sure, maybe we're being shamelessly manipulated, but at least it's a fun manipulation. (Much like the Pussycat Dolls, I think they're designed to be a very visual group, so, if you want, you could watch the video for this song here.)

To buy Soccx's single "Scream Out Loud," go here (physical) or here (digital; you'll have to search for "Soccx").

For more music from Germany, go over to the always wordly and musical knowledge-expanding Club Contact to hear "Habibi" by Milk & Honey--you will absolutely love it.

In further links, one I forgot to mention yesterday is Russkipop, which is reporting that Dima Bilan will be singing at a festival and is about to launch in Western Europe--does that mean more songs in English (although I quite like some of his Russian songs, it would just be--rather selfishly--even easier to appreciate them in English)? I hope so!

Next up: off to Australia for two days, probably.


Robpop said...

I also covered Milk/Honey (they were girlband no.19). Oddly...Habibi charted at no.19!. It was a club hit so we are so getting an album....

I love Soccx! They have a bit of everything abou them yet are really different. Their music sounds fab! Get the Party Started (From Dusk Till Dawn) is ace. Its my most played Itunes track of 2006.

Can we agree on this though: Soccx is an odd name for pop band is it not? Up there with Phixx.

Poster Girl said...

Oh, I can't believe I missed that! Good job, me...that's what happens when you skip around instead of go one by one through posts. And it's great to hear we're getting an album!

I really like Soccx, too (judging by the two songs I've heard from)--I think I was just trying to get across that I think the PCD's success is probably one of the things that helped them get signed (American girl group with dancing roots and sometimes similar styling?). But you're right--they do have something different about them.

It is a really bizarre name! The closest I've come to finding out anything is from the German Wikipedia, which said they were originally called the "So Sicks" (if that's true, I'm really glad that's no longer their name!).