Saturday, December 30, 2006

Pas un mot, pas un cri

Thierry Amiel, who I've written about a few times before, took second to Jonatan Cerrada in the first season of the French version of Pop Idol. He took a pretty different musical route than Jonatan; I guess you could say he focused more on sophisti-pop (whether it's pop at all might be debatable). Jonatan's songs (even the sad ones) make me think of sunshine (even if it's spotty autumn sunshine in some cases) and prettiness; Thierry's seem more suited for some half-lit room. Thierry's songs were probably supposed to appeal to an older demographic and more serous audience, and they often convey more trauma or drama than Jonatan's (though "drama" might give the impression of lots of energy, which isn't really the case; Thierry's songs seem a bit too hip for that). From what I've heard of Thierry's first album, I've always preferred the most Jonatan-esque song, "Sans toi" (though I'm glad Thierry was the one singing it--he brings that extra desperation the song needed), so I was a bit leery but intrigued when I heard he was releasing another album. The lead single, "Coeur sacré," is decidedly different from "Sans toi," but I still quite like it.

Edit: I just did a little bit of catching up, and apparently the few songs I'd heard from Thierry's first album may not have been totally representative--I may have to hear more! My description of Thierry's music still stands for this second album, though, and I still think he was, even then, less teen idol-sounding (that's not quite what I want to say, but I can't think of a better way to phrase it; maybe less fun [not that I mean that as an insult]? less catchy or hooky?), with a couple of exceptions, than Jonatan.

Coeur sacré--I suspect "Coeur sacré" is meant to sound impossibly cool (just look at the video) and, though it doesn't manage that, Thierry has managed to make a somewhat dark, almost haunting song. The electronic beeps (synth line?), one of my favorite touches and a vital part of the song, are subdued but the only part of "Coeur sacré" that glistens. The hushed, breathy female backing vocals are another nice touch; they both add to the haunting-ness and a sense of sensuality. The song's also a bit addictive, so be careful.

To buy Thierry Amiel's second album, Thierry Amiel, go here (physical). I'm still digesting it, but if you like this sort of more "sophisticated" (but also less fun) pop, it seems like a good purchase--I'm enjoying it so far.

The Zapping has just done a huge two-day special on the rather amazing up-and-coming singer Simon Curtis that is definitely worth reading; you can find part one here and part two here.

Next up: a song by a Swedish singer who I've already posted a lot of songs by...but this time, he's got some other people singing with him. And it's themed to the date!


Paul said...

aw thanks for linking! My neck now looks like i have elephantitus so i have sent dazpants out for medical supplies. This dude has great pop star hair though :)

Poster Girl said...

Aww, no! What an awful time to be sick--doesn't that always seem to happen when you're actually supposed to be having fun, though? And he does have pretty good popstar hair. This is a bit of an old picture, though--I think he's trying to downplay his looks or target them for a different audience now--less "young-looking"--because he's sporting a beard and looks a little scruffier now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post anyway, Poster Girl.But J.Cerrada has already disapeared in 2010, while Thierry Amiel is still shining between his dark and light moods inside and outside France.