Wednesday, December 13, 2006

One day, we'll put all this behind us

Sadly, I only have time for a quick little post today, so essentially this will just be a check-in on some of the popstars I follow. To begin with, though, don't forget to vote for your top 10 pop albums of all time by e-mailing Adem from I'm Always Right at well, no, I haven't actually done it myself yet, but I'm going to!

Research (by which I mean bothering to look at the names of the boys in the band and doing one search) that I probably should have done before writing two posts about them reveals that go:audio (or is it Go:Audio?) are the former the Vacancy, which is hugely exciting for me. It does mean, though, that I'm going to do as I promised back when I wrote about the Vacancy and remove the links for their songs. If you haven't listened to the song on their MySpace yet, you absolutely must; I'm still completely in love with it--intoxicated by it, in a way. If they can follow up on this, I may have a triad of current bands representing pop perfection (music perfection).

(Credit for this picture goes here; thank you!)

The ever-amazing Ben Adams has a new song on his MySpace, "I Messed Up." It's one of his laid-back jazzy numbers...which, to be honest, aren't my favorite of his songs; I much prefer songs like "Get Off My Girl." However, you can still hear the excellent "Crash and Burn." I really hope he gets to release an album! (You can buy his debut single, "Sorry," and the top-quality B-side "Delicious" here.)

The new Anthony Callea single will be "Addicted to You," one of the rocky, more uptempo songs on his album--I don't think it's the best of those songs, but I do think it's good, and hope it does well; if it doesn't, I fear a reversion to ballads all the time. Actually, it's just important that it does well, period. Is there a universal rule that all the Idol grads I support have to stop selling as well as they used to as soon as I start supporting them? Watch out, Will Young--I didn't really start appreciating you until around the time of release for "Who Am I," and that was your lowest charting single yet...

Jesse McCartney's new single will be "Just So You Know." The video for it has just come out, and it features shameless cellphone product placement in the vein of most Rihanna videos...but then again, he might need all the money he can get given this album's performance so far, and even the Click Five have some cell phone placement in their videos, so I can't be too harsh on him. The video's nothing revolutionary--Jesse falling in love with another boy's girlfriend--but it does make me like the song more, I suppose; I still see "Just So You Know" as one of the album's middling tracks, though. Then again, my favorite album track, "Daddy's Little Girl," probably wouldn't work as a single (and my sometimes-overall-favorite, and maybe the album's best song, "Running Away"--which really is such a good song--is only a bonus track).

Next up: that plea to buy a single.


Paul said...

boo my comments box is still being a whore, but anonymous comments are appreash. Why you don't have a myspace account yet is beyond me. You miss out on all the aces bulletins and photos. And my bloggy extras myspace blog (which i always email you anyway!) And hmmm to Jesse's new single, but the poor boy does need some casharooney. Surely he could get cast in something like OC: The Musical. He could be Ryan. Don't steal my idea ;)

i was listening to Broken as i typed this. How marv

Poster Girl said...

As if I need another way to waste my time :) (Not that all the music and blog stuff would be wasting time, but I'm sure I'd get addicted!) "OC: The Musical"--I like it! Get started on casting, and copyright that idea, quick ;) I really have no idea why this is the next single--I see it as in the bottom half of the album songs, but then again, though I like some songs on the album, not many of them (even if they are very good) would be very good singles. I actually have some very all-over-the-place thoughts about the album, to be honest--the jury on it is still out for me (and it's not like it's particularly deep or anything--it shouldn't take me that long to really work through and "get"!)

J'ason D'luv said...

I'd shag the eyebrows right off Ben.

Oh, and the song, I'm sure.

Paul, your addiction to needing comments is becoming very transparent. We may have to stage an intervention.

Poster Girl said...

Ah, don't worry about that song--it's nothing compared to some of the others he's done. Ben is sort of proof that the music industry--in particular, pop--isn't all about looks; if all you needed to sell records was a nice-looking guy, he'd be one of the UK's biggest artists! Sadly, he's also proof that good songs won't necessarily get you success either.