Thursday, November 09, 2006

Love the smell of the green

Staying in Sweden for another day, we're focusing on a member of a hugely popular (at least in pop circles) group, Alcazar: Andreas Lundstedt. As the group "takes a break," Andreas has embarked on a solo career, releasing one "real" single, "Lovegun," which reached #1 in Sweden. Before that, he had competed in Eurovision 2006 as part of Six4One, representing Switzerland. He'll also be competing in Melodifestivalen to represent Sweden in 2007. This September, though, he released another solo song as a download-only single. The song, "Dollar Queen," is the theme song for a computer game, Dollar, which, based on its website, looks rather violent. Don't worry, though--the song itself is fun, which you might not expect based on the blood-spattered image on the game's home page.

Dollar Queen (Radio Edit)--though this is still fun pop (with strings!), it also has a hint of intrigue about it, which is suitable for the theme song to a video game, I suppose. It's faster than "Lovegun" and, though you might argue it's repetitive (I'd say it just gives you more of what you want), it's also got some nice lyrics scattered throughout (nice as in they sound good...I'm not sure why, but I love the "looking for more, like a simple whore, on a nightstand store" part--it sounds better than that reads, really, thanks to the music and the way Andreas sings it). The deviation from Andreas's singing, where a woman takes over for a couple of lines, is a nice touch--it slows the song down for a moment and adds some feeling.

To buy Andreas Lundstedt's single "Dollar Queen," as well as a great remix of it, go here (digital). I really hope he releases a full album at some point.

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If you all are wondering about the complete lack of McFly mentions here lately, it's because I'm trying to wait until my copy of Motion In The Ocean arrives before I listen to any of the songs on it (except the singles...and B-sides...and the medley on their MySpace...but I've drawn the line there! Who knows how long it will be before I scrub that line out and draw another, more favorable one, but, for the moment, that's where it is).

Next up: a song in Spanish or a singer who, though American, often sings in Spanish and Italian.


Paul said...

well flap me sideways and bugger me gently! I didn't know Mr Alcazar had gone solo - on the basis of his song here, i will have to search out his Love Gun. Which is probably not a sentence one should say out loud...

PS _ the McFly wait must be killing you!

Poster Girl said...

Oh boy, just wait until you hear the lyrics to "Lovegun"... ;)

And yes! I'm dying! I don't know what I'm going to do if it doesn't arrive tomorrow.