Monday, November 13, 2006

Hold my hand, let's chase the sun

Please forgive (this is the second day in a row I'm starting out with that phrase!) a relatively short post today--partially, it's because I don't know that much about this particular artist, but mainly because I'm distracted by McFly's ABSOLUTELY AMAZING new album (if you haven't already bought it, what are you waiting for? Buy Motion In The Ocean here [physical] or here [digital]). There's been a little bit of debate about what song this one samples from--some people have said it's "Insomnia" by Faithless, but apparently it's actually "Encore Une Fois" by Sash (neither of which are songs I know). Regardless, this song is the debut by Stunt, a group made up of producers Pete Kirtley and Mark Dowling and singer Molly Smithen-Dowes (and, as you might guess for the output of a "group" which has two producers, it's a dance song). It's been around for a little while--apparently, it was being used in clubs last year, and was official released this December or January, depending on where you live.

Raindrops (DJ Demand Remix)--this is a remix, and not a radio-length one either (it's about 6 minutes long). However, after listening to this version, there's really no going back to the original--the power and danceability of the DJ Demand Remix far outweighs that of the original. My vocabulary for describing dance music is somewhat limited, but basically, it's fast, fun dance music--not quite as "colorful" as Cascada, and not electro-rock like the Superjupiter or Young Love songs I've posted before--more just a regular fast-paced dance mix, if there is such a thing.

For anyone who really doesn't want a six-minute long song (I can understand--for a while, I had no patience for anything that wasn't radio-length), here's the radio edit.

Raindrops (Radio Edit)

To buy the EP for Stunt's "Raindrops," go here (physical) or go to iTunes.

Next up: maybe that song in Spanish.


Paul said...

it's rare that i don't like your songs and this is no exception - i think its a great little tune, sort of kylie-esque... i like the "12 inch" version too, although i am getting too old to waste 6 minutes of my life on one tune ;) hehe. SO glad you got McFly. Bask in the amazingnicity

Poster Girl said...

I can totally understand the 6 minutes thing ;) To be honest, with a lot of the longer remixes, I find they're most useful in putting on while I'm trying to do work--less distracting, or at least there's less time spent choosing what song to play next when you really should be working on something else :)

And oh, boy, am I basking! ;)

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