Friday, October 13, 2006

You know I love surprises

Well...this post throws off my elaborate plan to time my 100th post (the next one) perfectly, but whatever--this news is far too exciting to not report. The funny part is that, several days ago, when news of Anthony Callea's new single and McFly's new album's tracklist came out on the same day, I jokingly said that at this rate this singer would be announcing his comeback in a few hours and I would "spontaneously combust in excitement" (a bit gruesome, I know). Well, it may have taken him a week, not a couple of hours, but finally, that announcement has come.

Many of you probably couldn't care less (I know a lot of people don't like him at all). Others are probably very jaded on this topic (feeling they've heard news like this before). However, I am thrilled--and I think the source and the words used this time means we can expect something very definite.

Enough beating around the bush--one of the comebacks (and I don't just mean a new album, but a true comeback) I have most been hoping for (really, the comeback I have most been hoping for) is about to happen:

Gareth Gates is releasing a new album.

The exact wording of the press release, from his official website:

"Dear Gareth fans:

After much anticipation, patience and constant support from all of you, we are thrilled to be able to report some very exciting news which you all have been waiting for. Gareth will be back on your TV screens in 2006! Not only that, but his new album will be ready to release very soon too!

Until now, we have had to keep these projects under wraps in order that they could be developed and worked on privately but we always promised that as soon as there was any concrete news, you'd be the first to know. Whilst it is a little too early to confirm dates and more details, these projects are almost ready and we thought we should let you be the first to know the great news!

More announcements in the very near future will be made here on Gareth's website so please continue to check here for the latest information. Thanks as always for your support. Gareth is very excited and can't wait to be back!"

I am a little worried by the choice of words, though--"back on your TV screens" could mean he's working as a TV presenter, for goodness sake. More realistically, there's also been rumors of a documentary or "tell-all" sort of show about Gareth's career, so, to the cynical part of me, it seems likely this TV appearance will just be this documentary. I'm trying to stay sort of skeptical--it really is sort of odd wording on their part, which makes me a little suspicious. Hopefully, it actually just means promotion. Either way, though--a new album! Again worryingly, though, it just says his album will be "ready to release very soon"--a worrying phrase because 1.) "ready to release" is not the same as "released," and 2.) "very soon" gives us no specific date, or even general date.

If this album was coming out in 2006 (it's not), I think it would just have jumped up to the top of my "most anticipated" list, past McFly and Anthony Callea and Matt Willis and everything else coming this year. I don't think words can express my excitement over this; Gareth makes brilliant, brilliant, brilliant music. I am so beyond excited at this news that there is no word for it, and I hope hope hope all my concerns about the wording of the news come to nothing.

Here's a song I think is particularly apt, as Gareth embarks on what hopefully will be an incredibly successful comeback:


To buy Gareth Gates's second album Go Your Own Way (it's 2 CDs, and yet there's not a single song on it I don't like; there is an incredible number of potential singles on it...have I ever mentioned how much I adore Gareth's style of music? He makes this pure pop I love--even with guitars, it's still pop--it's always catchy--he can do fun uptempo songs or ballads brilliantly--all right, that's probably enough gushing ;) ), go here (physical) or here (digital).

I know not everyone will agree with me, but I think Gareth is a brilliant popstar--I absolutely adore his music (he even showed improvement from first to second album, something which many singers find difficult) and I hope this comeback happens soon (but at the proper time, so he can be successful), is as brilliant as it should be, and is as incredibly successful as it deserves to be.

Who said Friday the 13th was bad luck?!

(I realize this blog has probably seemed very fan-ish over the past few weeks [which isn't how I normally or really am]. I'm trying to keep my excited raving separate from my "real posts," though, and I do try to minimize that raving when possible--I hope it's not bothering you all too much!)


daimn said...

More realistically, there's also been rumors of a documentary or "tell-all" sort of show about Gareth's career, so, to the cynical part of me, it seems likely this TV appearance will just be this documentary.

lol! that cracked me. Maybe Gareth Gates just got realistic and decided to sell his career very cheap to a reality tv show producer jk.

Does he have a contract with a record company or is he indie? cause my guess is it just means he'll be on tv promoting.

And btw, I love the fan-ish posts! they're interesting to me :)

Paul said...

THUD! (sound of me falling to the floor)

but PLEASE bring on Alistair ;)

Henry said...


J'ason D'luv said...

I'd be very dubious of that "back on TV screens" line. For instance, did you know Evan & Jaron (remember them?) are now doing some road trip-type reality venture on the USA Network?

Poster Girl said...

Maybe that is what happened, Daimn (and I'm glad you don't mind the fan posts :) )--apparently there's to be a documentary on his career on ITV a little before Christmas. I have no idea as to whether this is big or not...the good news is the documentary is to feature some of his new music, but I haven't yet seen news that his album is definitely to be released, which really worries me, though all the articles are saying that he's using this documentary to launch a comeback.

As for a record contract, I think he's with 19 Management, but not actually signed to a record company, although theoretically 19 could release the album on their own (one paper a few weeks ago said he was signed to Meridien Music, which is ex-Savage Garden Daniel Jones's label, but I don't believe that--the probable source wasn't very credible and I haven't heard of Meridien Music really doing anything for the past few years, let alone outside of Australia).

Paul--that was totally my reaction :) But Alistair's on his way!

Henry, I'm so thrilled that you're excited about this--you have great taste in music!

J'ason...I am very concerned. Funny you should mention Evan and Jaron--I heard "Crazy For This Girl" on the radio today--hadn't heard about the show on USA. Did you see them on American Inventor a while ago, hawking some invention they'd come up with? I was really afraid Gareth's "return to TV" would be something like that, or him on a game show or something. Now that I know it's a documentary...well, it'll be nice to see him again, and to hear his new music, but I would really have preferred it to be actual promotional appearances. I really, really want this to be exciting, and it is, but I'm also very scared of it turning out to be nothing. I mean, I don't think Fantasia's Lifetime movie exactly sparked sales of her music (or is going to).

J'ason D'luv said...

It's gonna be the Idol has-been catfight for sales this Christmas season, though, with Fantasia, Taylor Hicks and Katharine McPhee's new albums all out... and doesn't Ruben Studdard have something coming out, or did that already happen and showbiz went on?

Poster Girl said...

Good question--I've seen Ruben's album around, but what with leaks and all, who knows if that means it's actually out. Thank goodness for pop outside the US--I don't think I'll end up buying any of those albums (unless Katharine manages to do an album that's not entirely big ballads).

Anonymous said...

Hi Poster Girl,

Like you I am so excited about Gareth's return, but I am also anxious. He has worked very hard whilst he has been out of the limelight, and as well as being very talented, he has charisma, and quite simply, in my opinion, there is no-one out there who even comes close to him. He desreves to be a huge star again, and all his fans are longing to see and hear him again. GO Gaz, you are the tops!!

Poster Girl said...

It's great to hear from other Gareth supporters! I don't doubt that he deserves success, but, as you said, I am anxious--I just hope he gets the success he deserves. I can't wait to get an idea of what his new music will sound like, since apparently it's going to "shock" us (which does make me nervous as well, but I loved both those demos, so I'm really hopeful). I just adore both his albums (especially the second), and have been waiting for news of a comeback for so long...I'm sure it will be worth the wait, though :)