Friday, October 13, 2006

The world is falling down around us

Stop the presses! There were indications that today could be a very frustrating day--Anthony Callea's (yes, this is another post about him...I'm sorry! At least I'm managing to make my real posts about other people) official MySpace had a 40 second clip up of "Live For Love," but, in a repeat of yesterday's MySpace fiasco, I couldn't get it to play (even though every other song on him MySpace player would). However!

Thanks to this site (which I am forever, forever indebted to), I was able to hear the radio rip of the full song! I've uploaded it on ZShare, in case anyone wants to listen to it but not necessarily download it. If anyone wants me to remove the song, just let me know and I'll gladly do so.

Live For Love (Radio Rip)

Actually, this morning has not been without its frustration--though, since its an Anthony song, I'm sure it will grow on me, and I like it more than I thought I was going to (I was trying to keep my expectations low, since I was pretty sure I knew what was coming), I am a little sad that it's more "The Prayer" than it is "Rain" (and it's definitely no "Wanna Be The One"). I do like it more than "The Prayer" (yes, heresy for anyone who likes Anthony) and I'm sure if you talk to me in several hours I will be completely enamored with it--it's a sweet orchestral thing, building, pretty, etc., but it's just not as catchy as I would have liked.

I'm already starting to like it, really. And I hope it hits #1. I'm sure I'll soon regret being negative at all. But if the next single is a remake of "Per Sempre," Anthony, I am coming to Australia and sending you back to the recording studio until you come up with something that has a hook in it!

("Live For Love" wins bonus points for the line "your soul becomes the rain that's falling down," which I'm going to pretend was an intentional sort of meta-reference to his earlier hit "Rain.")

(Not my picture--source)

(Please tell me the lyrics are not talking about what I think they might be talking about at the, I don't think they are...I think.)


Paul said...

its always a bit disappointing when the picture is better than the song. If i were a singer i would be cursed with that fate ;) I will listen again on the train to london tomorrow and try to be more overjoyed by it...

daimn said...

Woah, it'd be ok for a ballad on a Disney movie soundtrack for a first single I dunno.

And I have the feeling there is a lot of tightening left to do with the melody, production, lyrics..darn, I wonder if Anthony will end up being the type of artists who never quite makes a record that matches his talent. I sure hope not!

Poster Girl said...

It's sad when you have to try to be overjoyed by a song, isn't it? Let me know if that works, though :)

I think the Disney movie comparison is really, really apt--that's what it reminds me of, in everything right down to the orchestration. I hope that's not what ends up happening either! I'm hoping for a cycle like that of his first album, with "The Prayer" being followed by "Rain" and "Hurts So Bad," two songs which I really liked (even if I think Anthony's potential goes far beyond those songs). I'd feel better if I could hear some of the other songs on the album. He can sing so well, and in so many different styles, but I really fear him getting stuck in a rut of a certain type of song. I'm going to avoid spending another whole post defending Anthony, but at some point I really need to post some more of his fun songs...and I'm not saying he has to avoid ballads, either, just find the right sort of ballad.

That said, as I mentioned, I'm sure it'll grow on me (I've listened to it a lot already), and I'll totally regret being negative, but I think I'll still agree: I just don't know about it as a single. And he has so much potential (it peaks through in this song at points, too).

daimn said...

lmao! I already regret being negative, cause I heard the song like 5 times already..but I'm not sure I would have if it wasn't Anthony. Know what I mean?

And I hate to criticize further, I don't like they have him in tenor range, although it's not out of his range. Reminds me of Josh Groban on his second album..and I want to hear hit more low notes. Damn, I'm such a Debbie Downer tonight.

Poster Girl said...

No, I know what you mean--if this was the only song I'd heard by some random artist, I don't know that it would really win me over to them. Better to be honest about what you think about it--it makes praise, when you (generic you, not you you) give it, all the more meaningful :)