Sunday, October 29, 2006

Ready for takeoff

Today's post is probably the most electronica I'm ever likely to go. It's a genre that I'm not really familiar with, and it's possible that, if I was, these examples of it wouldn't really stand out. Just by themselves, though, they're decently entertaining.

Basshunter (actually Jonas Altberg) is a Swedish musician who makes electronic dance music (though it's not just electronic noises--he also sings in his songs, if it can be called singing, in Swedish). Though the album he released this year was his second, it's also the one that has brought him the most fame, with lead single "Boten Anna" having been a hit in numerous countries. The techy, geeky subjects of his songs have also won him a small degree of fame among participants in that particular culture in the U.S.

Boten Anna--the song that really "broke" Basshunter. The video is somewhat of a viral hit, especially since it's been subtitled in a bunch of languages. The song is about a bot (not a robot--it's beyond my technical understanding, but it has something to do with the Internet) named Anna, but really, whatever story the lyrics might be telling isn't important here--it's about the electronic beeps and swirls. It's not dance music in the sense of Cascada's "Everytime We Touch"--it's less poppy and a little "harder" than that, but it's not hardcore techno.

Vi sitter i Ventrilo och spelar DotA--also referred to just as "DotA," for simplicity's sake. This is the album's second single, and it's got another techy subject I don't really understand--something to do with playing videogames while talking to other people online. It's a little faster than "Boten Anna" and, in addition to Basshunter's singing, has a deeper voice doing some speaking parts occassionally. It's more diverse than "Boten Anna" (it's even got an almost military beat at one point) and is catchier, too. As is often the case with these not-quite-novelty songs, it seems to be not be doing quite as well in the charts as "Boten Anna," though it's still done all right.

To buy Basshunter's second album, LOL <(^^,)>, go here (physical) or here (digital).

In other news that's about as far away from electronica as you can get, there's been a lot going on with Anthony Callea (who I haven't really mentioned here for over a week, so I feel I can slip in a little reference)--new photo shoot pictures, new single cover, promo appeances, preview clips of the single remixes, and a new music video (which, as I predicted, is in the grand Anthony Callea tradition of looking like it cost about $5. You had the biggest selling single in Australian history, Anthony--how can you not afford to put more into your videos?). I wouldn't really recommend the video (but I might discuss it in more detail later)--music videos don't seem to be Anthony's "thing." It is very touching, but, for me, nothing can ever really compare to his voice (which, I suppose, is why the video is so simple--all the more emphasis on Anthony and how amazing he is!) More importantly, though, Anthony is apparently going to be releasing an exclusive new song on iTunes only on November 7. Normally, I'm all for extra songs--but on iTunes only?! That means only Australian residents can buy it! Well, at least I'll be able to listen to the thirty second preview... Don't forget to buy "Live For Love" when it comes out on November 4 if you live in Australia.

(Picture credit here; thanks!)

Update: since I have nothing better to do (i.e., I have a lot to do but I'd really rather write about music), I thought I'd elaborate on my thoughts about the video. I do appreciate what he is trying to do--there are so many issues in the world that need to be dealt with! I think I would've just preferred he go all the way with it (really get specific about what he's thinking of--the continuing violence in the DRC? the LRA and child soliders in Uganda? starving and political manipulation of food in North Korea and Zimbabwe?) or avoid hinting at such big issues. It's not that the video concept is bad, but rather that I'm afraid that people will write it off as "treacley"--I don't think it is, and I think "Live For Love" (though it's no "Wanna Be The One"--see my thoughts on that song here) is absolutely gorgeous (have I ever mentioned that I think Anthony has my favorite voice is music? Not just for an Idol contestant, but period?), but I would've loved something that would really draw people in when they're flipping TV channels...I'm just not sure if this will do that. I truly hope I'm wrong, though--this song deserves to be #1 for weeks and weeks; I just hope this video is the right one to help it do so.

Next up: maybe some girls from Australia, a continuation of the guys from Sweden, or off to the Netherlands.


Paul said...

iTunes only - first a dodgy haircut and now selfish internationally denying releases. Grrrr. But i will still love the single. i gotta hold of the remixes and they are super!

Poster Girl said...

You have the remixes? Any chance of possibly sharing? ;) I can't seem to get the little music player thingy to work, so I have no idea what they sound like...I second the grrr, though!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you like the song...the boy has a truly superb voice.

Not to sanguine about it chances chart wise, however, as Sony/management have let him down badly with an extreme lack of promotion.

Poster Girl said...

Really? That's truly a shame...not being in Australia, it's difficult for me to tell, but I did think it really odd that the video wasn't given more lead time--didn't it come out maybe a week before the single is going to be released? Maybe they thought they could just rely on the power of his name to sell records...that won't work if practically no one knows about the release, though!

Didn't he switch management companies, too? It's a real shame if they've let him down...maybe they'll get their act together for the next single (and I really hope there is another single, because from the sounds of it some of his new songs will have crossover appeal)? I hope so!

Anonymous said...

The video has yet to be shown on TV here, though Sony posted it on his website yesterday.

Anthony wrote on his forum today that he will be appearing on 'Idol' next week to perform the song, hopefully that will have a positive effect on sales as it attracts a big audience. :)

He did switch management early this year. Opinion still out about them as yet ;)