Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I know you wanna be my salvation

Amazing music alert! My random updates are pretty rare--I think in the past they've only occurred for McFly and Anthony Callea (and maybe one other artist?). However, I was so excited about this group that I had to post.

To begin with, The Zapping is brilliant; go read this post if you haven't already, packed with more good MySpace music than should probably be allowed. In fact, if you're short for time, just go read that, and forget about this.

Though there are lots of brilliant songs and bands in that post, I have to pull out and highlight one which I am particularly excited about: Pacific Avenue. Their music is complete and total boyband, a throwback to the older days. Tentative debut single "Autograph" might sound too much like Westlife to some of you. To others, it might not sound Westlife enough. That song, though, as well as many of their others (including "I Can't Hold Back," on their official site), is brilliant. I suppose their style might draw some Westlife comparisons, but it would be more accurate to say it's like Westlife and Backstreet Boys were thrown in a blender, with a pinch of a little V tossed in.

I am completely (platonically) in love with this band and their music now. They also have a great sense of humor, as shown by their Internet-only TV show (viewable here). Go check out their MySpace. And their official site. And this cached version of their official site, at which you can listen to minute-long clips of all their songs. The fact that they have an album coming out is incredibly exciting--when, I wonder? They've only posted clips of all their songs, which is rather smart on their part but a bit frustrating. However, you can download one of their songs for free by visiting either the aforementioned Zapping post or Pacific Avenue's MySpace.

While we're on the topic of boybands, I couldn't not point you all in the direction of this song, just released this morning on the radio. I didn't grow up with this band, so I'll be interested to hear long-time fans' thoughts on it. (I realize this picture is horribly out of date, but I didn't have time to go find a more recent one...maybe I'll update it later.)

(Audio source; thanks!--not downloadable there)

Real post coming later today!


Paul said...

i'm pretty excited about Pacific Avenue too - i will certainly be checking out the bands site regularly to see when an official release is imminent.

Now, i loved take that from their first single and have followed them all ever since and I adore the new sound they have come up with.....

Poster Girl said...

The fact that they actually have an album to release and that seems like it is going to get released is so refreshing! I'd be surprised if it did well, but I would really love to be proven wrong...and, at the very least, I'd buy it :)

Good to hear about Take That--hopefully, the rest of the public agrees with you :)

photographer said...

hey check out my blog there is sum pics of pacific avenue if u would like to use the for future posts

Poster Girl said...

I love the photos! (And I love the band) If you don't mind, it'd be great to be able to use them--I'll be sure to credit you and link to your site!