Saturday, September 02, 2006

When I turned sixteen, that's when I started to dream

I love the Click Five.

Or really, that should probably say that I love the Click Five's music. I don't know all that much about the band itself, compared to how much I love their songs (I tried to name all its members a week ago--I got three easily, four after a struggle, and had to cheat for the fifth). They may very well be my favorite American band of the moment--their style of pop-rock or power pop is incredibly fun and catchy. I also think it sounds like it's meant to be jumped up and down to--which is what ends up happening in their videos, since they are both based around teens watching the Click Five perform. It is practically a crime that their debut album, Greetings From Imrie House, didn't do better; there are at least five songs on it that should have been radio hits (and more than five that are amazing). Today, I'll start with the singles, then move onto their covers; tomorrow, we'll get to some album tracks.

Just The Girl--their debut single, co-written by a Fountains Of Wayne member. Click Five songs have a similar style, though they're all different (I just don't have the musical knowledge to point out the differences), so I can tell already I'm going to end up struggling for descriptions. "Just The Girl" is a good song and a good introduction to the Click Five, but it's definitely not their best song.

Catch Your Wave--their second single. Happier, almost beachy-sounding. The video for this is (one of my favorite phrases) simultaneously ridiculous and brilliant. It features the band hiding from hordes of fangirls (I guess you could take that as they don't lack for egos, but it's too fun and cheery for that), skydiving, and matching white suits. I do have to complain about the blatant product placement of cell phones in this video and the "Just The Girl" video, though. Does anyone know what their connection to Christopher Knight (the former Peter Brady) is? He's in both of the Click Five's videos.

I Think We're Alone Now--moving onto the covers, we have their version of the Tommy James & the Shondells original (made famous by '80's singer Tiffany). Really great; listen for the high bits at the end.

Voices Carry--the Click Five's version of the 'Til Tuesday song. They always seem to make the covers their own--I'm not sure whether they beat the originals, but they do make you appreciate their version of the song for its own merits and not just as a novelty cover.

Lies--a cover of a Thompson Twins song. Lest you think Greetings From Imrie House is a covers album, this is the only cover actually on the U.S. version of the album (it apparently bumped off "I Think We're Alone Now" at the last minute, which is a shame). It also was in the movie Sky High. It's a little more aggressive sounding and less fun than most of their songs and is probably my least favorite out of their covers.

To buy the Click Five's debut album, Greetings From Imrie House, go here (physical; or, if you want to pay a little more for the Japanese version which includes "I Think We're Alone Now," go here) or here (digital). For "Voices Carry," you'll have to go to iTunes.

Next up: the second half of the Click Five special, which includes most of my favorite TC5 songs.


Paul said...

i love la five! I got into them about this time last year when they made Entertainment Weekly's Annual Must List - really liked Just The Girl and Pop Princess, and still adore the album... do you have the bull moose live ep thingy?

hadn't heard the voices carry track! Cheers

Poster Girl said...

It's been about a year for me, too--wow, time flies...that's really scary, actually. I don't have the Live At Bull Moose EP, sadly.

I think "Voices Carry" was on available as a download from iTunes--a B-side to "Catch Your Wave," maybe? (Although, since you didn't need to buy "Catch Your Wave" to get it and you could buy it digitally, I'm not sure that the term "B-side" actually means anything there)

Kriss said...

Hey! I was just searching blogs that had anything to do with The Click Five and came across yours! I love them as well. And, you should try to get to know more about the guys. You will find they are all really cool in their own way. I love their music alot though, so its not just for the guys hot ^_^

Poster Girl said...

I really do adore the Click Five. Greetings From Imrie House is genius--the most consistently good and exciting album I've heard in a while. I'm extremely envious of the people who get to see them and McFly together in concert. You're definitely right that I should try and find out more about the guys themselves, but I'm so enamored with their music already that I think knowing anything about them personally might throw me over the edge :)