Monday, September 25, 2006

I shoulda listened to my momma done told me

I've gotten tired of waiting for that single to arrive, so instead I'm just going to start that four-day boyband special that I've been mentioning for a month or so. The band in question? a1. I know that we just finished Ben Adams's own special, so this probably makes it seem like I have a bit of an obsession--I really don't, but a1 have the nice combination of some really good songs that not everyone on the planet owns (unlike Backstreet Boys or 'N Sync) and a decent-sized but manageable back catalogue. I may end up occasionally interrupting the special, but expect one day for each of their three albums and then one more day for B-sides (including remixes).

a1 were a four-person (on that cover, from left to right, Paul Marazzi, Mark Read, Ben Adams, and Christian Ingebrigtsen) boyband from the UK who came onto the music scene in 1999 and released their final original album in 2002 before breaking up. Over the course of three albums, they showed an evolution in sound that allowed you to get every style out of them that you could hope for from a boyband: cheesy, sort of Europop-influenced/"old school" boyband; 'N Sync/Backstreet Boys boyband; and pop with strummy guitars boyband.

Here We Come was a1's first album, released in 1999 and launching our singles, all of which charted respectably (no lower than #6). Rarely do I embed videos, but I think to understand this first album, you absolutely must see at least one of their music videos.

Be The First To Believe--Oh. My. Gosh. Does that video not sum up everything that was fabulous about that era and style of pop? It's practically more than I can stand--scenes on beaches, the "acting," the choreographed group dance routine, and the sheer infectious happiness of it all. On a side note, I spent quite some time thinking the lyrics talked about "elevator lovin'," but apparently it's actually part of "elevate our love into the skies," which I suppose is quite different.

Summertime Of Our Lives--I really wasn't going to post this video (for a1's second single), but I couldn't help myself. I'm getting nostalgic, and I didn't even know about a1 until years after they'd broken up! More frolicking on beaches, group dances, and mugging for the camera--also amazingly fabulous. Wouldn't that be the life?

Ready Or Not--one side of a1's third single. Equally as danceable and happy as the previous two songs, though not as beachy. Out of these three songs, it probably does the best job of standing on its own, without an accompanying video.

To buy a1's first album, Here We Come, go here (physical).

Next up: a1's second album--expect more videos (though with songs that are good even without their videos) and more enthusiastic raving!

3 comments: said...

"Summertime of our lives" was SUCH a good song. Scrap that - IS STILL a good song. Once again love you've excellent taste...

And as for that McFly clip - yep - forgiven them already. How 'bout you?

x Adem.

Poster Girl said...

Aww, thanks! I love how it feels like summer was captured in a song--it's so 1999 and yet timeless at the same time.

On McFly: yes...I can't help it. I'm still afraid that (as much as I love their fun side) the entire album will be, as you put it, "I got a crush on this girrrrrrl, she's got pink in her hair and she's craaaaaaaazy" (which I laughed about for forever afterwards), but, like an addict who keeps coming back even when the dealer raises prices, they've got me addicted. I'll hold strong the next time, though! (...maybe...) said...

Kudos to them for not having a focus on a girl with "crazy pink hair" (glad you liked it!) for the "Star Girl" video clip though.

Even though it probably would have been more appropriate than sending Dougie into space, but you know, whatever.

So many disappointments in 2006 from my favourite acts. The Aloud and The Babes both release Greatest Hits, and if McFly release a crap album, I'm going to cry cry cry cry cry.

That said, i'm much like you and will give in within 3 or 4 listens if I don't initially like it. I just love those boys too much. =(