Friday, August 04, 2006

You're looking for something you can't find

This is going to be the greatest tour ever.

Words cannot express how awful it is to not live in the UK right now.

A real update will be forthcoming later today, probably with far too much Canadian music.

Until then, you can listen to this (low quality radio rip, with talking over the top), which I haven't seen widely posted around yet (but since even I managed to find it, I'm sure it's quite common, or a fake ;) ); the parallels between this artist and Justin Timberlake just keep jumping out at me--comeback singles designed to shock, followup singles that are a little more melodic and that are leaked with someone talking over the top...heck, they even had their albums scheduled for the same release date until one of them chickened out!

(Original source here)


Paul said...

i am pretty sure it is who we think it is! I read about this track in NME and the guys talking over it are saying they could get in trouble for playing it. Or maybe i just got punk'd!!

i will give you a full report of the click/mcfly experience. colour me excited. WOO

Poster Girl said...

You're going? I'm sooo envious (like you couldn't have guessed). At least I can look forward to a description of the amazingness of it, then.

I would love the Click Five to break in the UK, though--it would at least guarantee another--even if they'd be farther from me :(

Poster Girl said...

I forgot to say that I was surprised to hear that song already--wasn't there talk of them shooting for Christmas number one with it? Pretty early for radio airplay (even unapproved), I thought...

Poster Girl said...

After hearing "My Love" in full, I guess it really isn't "melodic," so that part of my comparison is out, but "My Love" (in parts, or at least it uses effects to sound like it) and "Lovelight" are both high in pitch.