Monday, August 14, 2006

I've been searching all around the world

Happy Monday! Weeks are never easy to start, so hopefully today's dance-pop music will help provide a little energy. There's a good chance you've heard most of it before, but aren't dance songs often better after you know where they're going? That's my excuse, anyway.

You Know--This song, by SuperJupiter, has been featured on Popjustice and Arjan Writes, and it is totally worthy of having tons of promotion. SuperJupiter is a Norwegian group and, if this song is anything to go by, they make amazing dance music (or, as they describe it, "electro rock"). The chorus, though clearly dance, is practically anthemic. It's due to be released October 9.

Oh La La (Original Extended Mix)--by Morandi, a Romanian group (yes, I realize the picture is only of one person; I think that's the singer, and there's only one other person in the group). It was originally released (as "Beijo") in Portuguese in 2005 and now this, the English version, will be released in September. The lyrics in the chorus here are (in what seems to be one of my favorite phrases) both completely ridiculous and completely brilliant; whoever thought of rhyming "Kournikova" and "Casanova" deserves some sort of award. In addition to Anna, this song also manages to namecheck Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Angelina Jolie in the space of maybe five seconds. It's a six-minute-plus song that, like much dance-pop, is pretty repetitive, and yet it's never boring. You can order the single for "Oh La La" here (you'll have to search for "Morandi").

Summerlove--this song, sung by David Tavare (and often called "Summer Love"), is apparently huge in Spain right now, so I apologize to anyone who's had to listen to it a million times already. It's a cover of "Remember" by the Underdog Project and it's not quite as get-up-and-dance as either of the previous two songs; it's dance music, but it's also very chill. It sort of exemplifies that "summer song" idea. Upon first listen, I wasn't really impressed, but it has a way of growing on you and getting stuck in your head. This version is the radio edit, I think; it's shorter and has female vocal accompaniment. At first, I preferred this version, which is almost a minute longer and doesn't have the backing vocal; it must be a remix of some sort, but I don't know which one. Now, though, I think I might like the radio edit better. You can go here to order a compilation CD with the radio edit.

Big thanks to Dïgï†al €ä®gäsm for linking to me; I've recently developed a huge remix addiction and that site, along with Spark*Pop, is my main source for feeding it.

Next up: maybe that grouping of random piano-based songs I keep referring to.


Paul said...

yay to the power of pop poster girl back with some cracking tracks. who doesn't love super jupiter?! And the other two songs are pretty fine also. Bonza work missy!

Daimn said...

I love David Tavare's "Summerlove"!

Sometimes I question my tastes in music because the cheesiest most obvious pop tracks are often my favs, which would be the equivalent of chosing a burger over filet mignon..or is it not? hehe

Poster Girl said...

Glad you like them! :) Of course, putting so much good stuff in one post might not have been a good idea for the long run....oh well, they all needed to be heard, and hopefully they'll tide people through the less fun piano post.

I know what you mean about cheesy and obvious (I've played "Summerlove" way too much since discovering it--I wonder if it's addictive?)--but, if you always ate steak, wouldn't it get boring sometimes? ;)