Friday, August 18, 2006

An empty room with all the windows smashed

In the much-played video for their song "Chemicals React," Aly and AJ say they feel like they are walking on broken glass, which, of course, immediately made me think of this song.

Annie Lennox - Walking On Broken Glass

I've never listened to any of Annie Lennox's solo material besides this album, but boy have I listened to this song a lot. I think it's the first song I remember hearing on the radio and liking (I have an awful memory, though; for all I know, I pretty much had no childhood). Years have passed, but I still like it, even if part of my attachment to it is nostalgia. The strings are great, and they (along with the piano) are probably the main reason for my love of the song. I do like the vocal melody; it avoids getting in the way of the instrumentation but is interesting enough to keep the song from getting boring.

Next up: this is a comparatively short post, I know, but I was out and about for pretty much the whole day. I'm not sure what tomorrow's subject will be, but at some point expect to see those Spanish songs I mentioned yesterday, some remixes, and Gareth Gates again (I realized that, though I'd been avoiding writing about him because I'd already featured him, I've written about Clay Aiken, Will Young, Heinz Winckler, Jim Verraros, Anthony Callea, Jesse McCartney, and probably even more people more than once already, so he's fair game again...I'll try to wait a little while longer and get some new people in first, though!).

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