Thursday, August 10, 2006

Accidents happen strangest of places

How to improve a Lee Ryan song:

1. Take the original song.

Real Love (Album Version)

2. Keep Lee's vocals.

3. Change the squishy backbeat to cute electronic beeps.

4. Make a couple of other changes (take out the female backing vocals, etc.) that really aren't that important.

5. Voila! Look at how much better the song becomes.

Real Love (Radio Edit)

Thank you, Dreamworks, for deciding to use this song in Ice Age 2--it's now a complete cuteness overload, but it's so much better and at least a nice variation from the rest of Lee's album! Could you please get to work on the rest of the album now (well, I guess you can leave "When I Think Of You" and "Jump" alone, but at least change a couple, please)?

However, Lee, taking one of your singles and rerecording it in Italian does not help.

To buy Lee Ryan's first album, Lee Ryan, you can go here (physical version) or here (digital version).

A few random notes:

I linked to a song by Amel Bent the other day; my review wasn't hugely favorable, but someone who knows far more about singing than I gave her a very positive review recently that is worth reading.

I was in a department store today when I heard someone's voice over the speaker system I never expected to hear: Will Young! Which was of course a clear sign that I needed to buy what I was looking at at the time.

Head over to Arjan Writes to get a free download of Van She's "Kelly." I've been listening to this song for some time now and it's easily one of my favorite discoveries of the year--electro-pop that's swirling and enveloping and actually sounds warm.

In further Australian news, I saw the Veronicas' video for "When It All Falls Apart" on MTV Hits (the television channel that actually plays music videos now that MTV and MTV2 don't). I've seen "4ever" on there before, but I didn't know "When It All Falls Apart" had been or was going to be released in the U.S.; does anyone know if it was released a while ago (and it might have been, because MTV Hits also showed 'N Sync's "Tearing Up My Heart"--exciting, but not exactly recent) or if they're planning to release it soon, or any information at all about the Veronicas in the U.S.?

Next up: Jesse McCartney.


Paul said...

i quite like when i think of you because a it was quite catchy and b he looked quite foxy in the video. Did you ever hear the song he wrote for poor Andy Scott Lee?? If not i will email it to you... its very Army of Lovers...

Daimn said...

I'm loving the radio edit!

Btw, thanks for adding my Singers at Heart blog to your links, I'm doing the same for you.

Poster Girl said...

I haven't watched the video (though I like "When I Think Of You," too), but I may have to now ;) Or heard the song he wrote--I'm totally in a "discovering new music" mode now, so I'd like to hear it, if you don't mind.

Thanks for adding me! Your blog has given me a whole new appreciation for music; I love reading about music from the perspective of someone who really knows about singing.

Daimn said...

Thanks for the compliment! I'm not really trained in singing though, but the point of my blog is it should be accessible to I try to communicate my passion for it to the readers. It's encouraging to know I'm read =)