Thursday, July 20, 2006

En tu camino hallaras todo lo que deseas alcanzar

Jonatan Cerrada is French (Belgium born), with Spanish parents, and so he sings in those languages--but don't let that deter you! For the longest time, I had a phobia of non-English songs, but Jonatan (along with, if I am being honest, O-Zone and Tarkan) helped break me of that. Jonatan was the winner of the first season of Nouvelle Star, the French equivalent to Pop Idol, and he may be familiar to Eurovision watchers--he represented France there in 2004. Jonatan has a good voice for the type of songs he sings: a hint of warmth, generally smooth and clean--essentially, it's not too distinguishing or distracting, which allows him to deliver great pop songs, regardless of who writes them.

A Chaque Pas--Jonatan's Eurovision song. A ballad, and a decent one (I'm pretty sure I can hear emotion in his voice, even if I can't tell what that emotion is), though I can see how this didn't fit in at Eurovision. Even though this wasn't his first post-Idol release, it sort of sounds like that kind of song.

Mon Paradis--I complained earlier this week about pop acts choosing to attach themselves to movies of questionable quality or success; this song is another example of that, since it comes from the soundtrack to the French version of Robots. Regardless of what you think of the movie, though, this song is quite good. Even with my non-existent knowledge of French (I'm pretty sure that the title translates to "My Paradise" and that Jonatan says "the truth" somewhere in the song), the chorus is almost sing-alongable. It's bouncy pop with guitars, in French.

To buy a physical copy of Jonatan's first album, Siempre 23, or second album, La Preuve du Contraire, you can go here; for digital tracks of the second album, you can go to this UK site; for digital tracks of the first or second album, you can go to this Danish site.

Next up: I'm going on vacation for a little over a week (maybe starting a blog two weeks before vacation wasn't the smartest idea). I'll try to see if I can sneak in one update sometime while I'm gone, but I don't know what sort of Internet access I'll have. The next post will also be about a French artist and a pop song hidden amonst a CD of more "serious" work. Enjoy your summers!


Paul said...

going on holiday? Just as i have become addicted to your blog? Well missy, i'm very upset ;)

where you going? HAve a great time :)

ps - viva word verification!

Poster Girl said...

Thanks! Outer Banks in North Carolina, which is on the ocean--tons of tourists and traffic, but it's fun (even if I am sharing a house with eighteen other people).

And word verification: yeah, I figured I should probably turn it on. As lovely as it is to get six anonymous comments at the same time, all without any reference to your actual blog, it seems like a good idea :)

steven said...

hi, can you recommend some good french songs? i am not a native french speaker so i dont know much french-speaking singers. if you can send them (or at least the links) through e-mail, please do so (or, at least recommend artists). i asked (begged!) a belgian girl (in french) to send me jonatan cerrada's songs so i now have all his songs. check your gmail account. enjoy!