Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Come on baby make your move

This is Jim Verraros (who, incidentally, passes one of the most important tests for a male popstar: does his hair look good both spiked and straightened?). Unless you are a clubber, Jim is one of the lesser-known American Idols. He finished in the top ten during the first season (which, as I've mentioned, I didn't watch until near the end, so I'm not sure how good he was on it). He's also constantly cited as being the only American Idol finalist to (now) be openly gay (though, from what I understand, Season 4's Anwar Robinson might be, too). He's apparently been in an indie movie, Sloppy Seconds, but the real reason to love Jim is his music. I suspect--though I don't know--that he may not be the strongest of vocalists to come off the show, because his songs tend to use a lot of backing vocals, especially female backing vocals. He's also, on many of his songs, trying to sing sexily (is that a word?). I can't see mainstream radio ever picking up on Jim, but he plays to his strengths (if the focus is on a sexy voice, not one that fills up an auditorium, it doesn't matter if he isn't a Kelly Clarkson-esque singer) and as a result has come up with some really good songs. We'll start out with something a little more traditional, though.

Outside--a pop-rocker. Good. But it's hard to get too excited about, given what we still have coming.

You Turn It On--Jim's debut single, although 99% of America (well, maybe 95%) has never heard of it. That's a shame, because it's a good dance-pop track.

Move--Well, the beginning of this song is...interesting. Jim may have taken trying to sound sexy a step too far at the beginning, but, hey, it may work for some people. Another dance-pop song.... I'd like to write more about these dance-pop tracks, but I'm not sure how else to describe them. They are great pop tracks, different from what you're used to hearing from Idol finalists--Will Young and Kelly Clarkson may get all the praise for breaking the Idol mold, but I think Jim's style is the farthest away from typical Idol fare. These tracks are great because they both demand and coax you into dancing--and, because of Jim's delivery and the beats backing him up, you want to.

You're Getting Crazy--Did I mention that Jim's tracks aren't just stylistically a big departure a big departure from normal Idol stuff? In terms of material covered, they are pretty different, too. I'd probably give Jim a PG-13 rating (though some tracks--not included here--are somewhat more explicit). More dance-pop, equally good--what else is there to say?

If you like your music with a little shinier and glitzier, or just would like the songs to be a little faster, head over to the random (in the best possible way!) but always fun Spark*Pop for a couple of remixes of Jim's tracks.

You can buy Jim's CD, Rollercoaster, as a physical copy here and digitally on iTunes (in the US and UK); he's also available on eMusic, if you're signed up for that.

For more music by American Idol 1 finalists, head over to the rarities-filled blog Tip Top Pop, where you can download a Christina Christian track.

Next up: two second season American Idol finalists.


Paul said...

i never heard jim's first album but a friend gave me his second and i liked it. a lot. plus as someone with hair that looks good spikey AND straight, kudos to you for recognising how important that is in life :)

Poster Girl said...

I haven't heard it, either--that version of mp3.com was before I had an interest in music :) I think it had at least some of the same tracks as Rollercoaster, but I can't seem to find any of the non-repeats anywhere.

Considered a career as a popstar? They can process your voice, hire you writers and producers--but either your hair has it or it doesn't.

Paul said...

maybe i should pop down to the x factor auditions - oh damn they want people who can sing so they can release dull songs, wreck their careers and have their 3rd single at 17 in the midweeks. Poor shayne

bulldoggy said...

Nice site! I'm curious about this recent proliferation of m4a's in the blogworld.. I know they're the next step in mp3 evolution but, for example, yourself; did the file come to you that way? Did you convert to that? What's it's pedigree? Thanks ;)

Poster Girl said...

Thanks! That's really nice to hear.

I think the m4a proliferation comes from so many people using iTunes; it's iTunes' default setting for when you rip music from CD's and the songs you buy from the iTunes music store come in that format...with iPods so popular, I guess iTunes has gotten really popular. Since I own Jim's CD and I didn't bother to change iTunes's setting before importing the songs from it, they were imported as m4a's. I think iTunes will let you convert between m4a and mp3 (maybe, and if the m4a isn't protected), but with some quality loss. Since I have the original CD, though, and I've now changed my import settings, I can get repost the files as mp3's, if you want.

And that was a very long answer--sorry about that! :)

bulldoggy said...

Not long at all, explains everything! Though i would love to hear the Jim Verraros songs in mp3....

Poster Girl said...

Here's Jim's songs in mp3:

You Turn It On


You're Getting Crazy

And, just in case you're interested, here's a link I found to download a program for converting songs (for example, from m4a to mp3)--I've only been using it a day, but it seems to work well so far!

Poster Girl said...

Oops, you can't quite see all of that last link (or at least I can't :) )--maximize the screen window to see all of it (so you know when you're seeing all of it, it ends in 7F).

bulldoggy said...

Hello again! As you probably know, you can easily find ten new blogs a day that you'd like to come back and visit, and i just got around to checking back up on the comments we were posting here at Poster Girl. Thank you so much for your converison and posting of the Verraros tracks! Good Stuff! I'm also toying with the conversion program you suggested, but for now, i just wanted to express my appreciation for your kind efforts :)

Jeremy Slate said...

What a great blog!!